Lost on an Island, Part 2

I first tried this writing prompt with my fourth-graders (which you can read about here) and I enjoyed it so much I decided to use it for my younger grades as well.

For first and second graders, I kept the same ideas and instructions as the older kids, but I made it a little simpler. Like before, I started out by telling them we were lost on an island. The only things we had with us were the three random objects I pulled from my stack of cards (some of my cards are pictured below). I took three cards from the pile and attached them to the whiteboard with magnets. I asked the class for ideas of what we could do with each item. Maybe we could use markers to make a slingshot and turn the chair into the boat.


After I did a few examples with the class, I gave them each three pictures from the stack. These were their random items that they had to figure out how to use on the island.

For fourth grade, I had them write paragraphs about their objects. But for first and second grade, I made this worksheet.


Using this, the kids can fill in the blanks with the names of the items they received and write a sentence about what they would do with it. Then they can draw a picture at the bottom and color it. The ones I’ve done so far have turned out well so I’m planning on putting them on the wall for some new classroom decor! The picture above I just took from my computer screen; the Microsoft Word version is below if you want to use it!

First Grade island



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