100th Day!

It’s the 100th Day over here at our school! My class of third-graders will arrive in about 10 minutes but I wanted to write about what I’ve been doing so far for this day!

My co-ESL-teacher isn’t here today so I have all the kids to myself! Sometimes I’m a little overwhelmed with the larger group since I am used to having one half that size! So, since it’s just me and it’s also the 100th day, I thought I would create some “100th Day Centers” for my classes to go through.

Center One: “Roll to 100.” I found a (FREE!) printout for this game through Pinterest. This game involves the kids rolling dice and then coloring that number of squares on their game sheet, using a different color for each roll. They keep going until they get to 100. I had them do this with a partner, but it could be also used alone.
Here’s the blog where I found the print out! 🙂 Below is one of our finished games.


Center Two: Fill – in – the -blank sheets. I had the kids fill out sheets with different questions, such as “If I had $100 I would….,” “I would like to have 100….,” and so on. I encouraged them to share their answers with each other when they were done.

Center Three: Guess how many. I filled one jar with 100 chocolate rocks, one jar with 90 marshmallows, and one jar with 150 chocolate chips. I had empty jars and slips of paper for the kids to write their guesses of how many pieces of candy were in each jar. At the end of class I read all the slips and announced who had guessed correctly! As the kids left, I gave each student a chocolate chip and chocolate rock (if they wanted both). The winners got a few pieces of each!


I also had a fourth center when I did this with first grade, but I realized I felt pretty tight on time to get everyone through all four centers. So I am planning to omit the fourth center (the activity was for the group to choose a category like “Animals,” “Food,” or “Names” and see if they could make a list of 100 things that fit into this category. I thought this was the least fun of the centers) so the groups can spend more time on “Roll to 100.” Yay experimenting and learning!

Third grade is coming in so I’ll sign off for now! Let me know what you are doing for The 100th Day of School! 🙂


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